House Tour: Our Remodeled Loft

Last week we shared our newly remodeled den with you. You may have noticed stairs at the back of the room which take you to our loft. We love this new upstairs space. It can be used when we have company for the kids to hang and play games or watch a movie, while the adults talk down stairs. We also love family movie night on the pull-out sofa bed. It was tight, but we did fit all five of us on that mattress for a family movie! This space has also been a nice quiet retreat when one of us needs a little down time.

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House Tour: Our Remodeled Den

Over the next few weeks Hil and I are going to share pics of my house remodel that we recently completed. Last week I showed you the before pics of the entire project, but now I will take you room by room, sharing the before pics, construction process, and final result. I don’t know that I can truly say “final” result, as I am constantly switching things around, replacing or moving furniture, and refreshing decorations, but the bones of the rooms are set and we hope you enjoy sharing in the process with us.

One of our goals in adding onto our house was to create a second living space for our family. With three kids spanning the ages of 5-11, we sometimes felt a bit cramped with only one main living space outside of our bedrooms. We worked with an architect to help bring our design to life by turning our son’s current bedroom that was located in the exact middle of the house into a den that we would use for a craft, piano, school, and game room.

Here’s a sneak peak of the end result, but before we got there, we started here…

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