Master Bedroom Reveal

I have found that in my own life, and from what I hear from friends and clients, the master bedroom tends to be the last space of the house that gets decorative attention. I think one of the (many) benefits to renovating our home was that it allowed (forced) us to put thought, time, and effort into planning and designing a master bedroom to be a peaceful retreat for us. Of course, we had to take the budget into consideration when remodeling this space and since we couldn’t afford to add square footage to the actual bedroom, we did the best we could to maximize the space we had.

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Home Renovation: Boys Bedroom

So we have been going room by room through our recent home renovation project and our next stop is my son’s room. His old bedroom became our family’s den. (You can see that post here .)

During the planning phase of this project we had to let go of our back patio, which was going to be enclosed to create the new bedroom. It was the obvious choice, as there were already supporting side walls and we would only need to close off the back wall to make it a into a room.

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4 Tips to a Successful Remodel



Part of the pressure when you decide to redo any part of your home is settling on a plan.  Expectations are always high when you begin.  Knowing you are putting time, money, effort, and more money into equals pressure for it to be amazing at the end.  Daunting, to say the least.  Jaclyn and I  had a vision for the transformation we wanted for each of our houses and as we set out to put those ideas into action, we found a few key points we thought were worth sharing.  Try to keep these in mind as you make decisions for your home, whether you are taking on a full remodel, or just updating a room of your home.

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