Our Master Bathroom Transformation and Remodel


So I think this is my favorite transformation of our entire home renovation. Originally, there wasn’t a dedicated master bathroom in our house, and the 2nd bathroom was a tiny coat-closet sized space with the world’s most chlosterphobic shower and super outdated amenities. Do you remember the windows that needed a crank to open the slats of glass panels? Well, that’s what we were working with. You seriously could not fit two people in that room at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, with 5 people in the house, I was grateful for the additional toilet, but it was our most outdated room by far!

We wanted to dedicate the bathroom to our master bedroom and somehow make it larger, so we decided the best way to do that was to steal some square footage from the existing master closet by opening that wall and combining the two spaces. By streamlining our hallway  we could gain some square footage there as well. It still wouldn’t be a super large bathroom, but it would be much more serviceable than it currently was.

Below is the closet that we converted into bathroom space.

To make the new space as functional as possible we changed the layout and location of the shower, toilet closet, and vanity. We also walled in the existing window and added a new raised window in the shower for ventilation and light.

The posts are the footprint for the old master bedroom. You can see the paint mark on the ceiling where the old closet stood. Do you see how tiny that shower was? Those blue tiles outline what must have been a 16″x16″ space. It was so small. So, so small.

Our hallway had consisted of a few turns prior to construction. We streamlined those turns hall and used board and batten for detail and texture.

Here is the new entrance to the bathroom which is where the closet once stood.

We wanted to go with a classic look for our tile, so we chose white subway tile with gray grout for the shower, carrara marble in a herringbone pattern for the shower floor, and a large gray tile laid in a subway style format for the rest of the bathroom to add some warmth and feel uniform with the shower.

And here is the new master bathroom, with a few final touches (wall trim still needing to be added around the shower) in the works.

We re-purposed a beautiful vintage dresser into our vanity. For the base we used Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Chalk Paint. I stained and then sealed the top of the wood dresser with a product called “The Good Stuff”. I love the water seal it creates.

We planked the back of the vanity wall with ship-lap to tie this space in with the rest of the house. Painting the boards white kept the space light and made it feel larger, while adding visual interest.

Here is the door to the toilet closet. I will admit that there is nothing note worthy in regards to decorating in that space just yet. I want to do some fun stripes or something different in there, but that will have to happen after a few other projects that are in progress.

We hope you enjoyed the transformation along with us! We appreciate you reading and checking in on our projects! It has been really fun sharing our work on this blog and we are looking forward to sharing several more projects and transformations we’ve been working on!


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