Master Bedroom Reveal

I have found that in my own life, and from what I hear from friends and clients, the master bedroom tends to be the last space of the house that gets decorative attention. I think one of the (many) benefits to renovating our home was that it allowed (forced) us to put thought, time, and effort into planning and designing a master bedroom to be a peaceful retreat for us. Of course, we had to take the budget into consideration when remodeling this space and since we couldn’t afford to add square footage to the actual bedroom, we did the best we could to maximize the space we had.

Prior to the remodel, the hallway in our house had two turns in it that took up a decent amount of living space. When we designed the new master bedroom and bathroom, we streamlined the hallway and gained that square footage to the master bedroom and bathroom. (The bathroom makeover will be covered next week! We removed the closet in this room (which was itty-bitty) and used that space for the master bathroom. We moved windows, walled off an outside-leading side door, added a sliding door to the back, as well as adding a new master closet. This is where we gained some square footage.

I have to say, of all the changes to the house, I underestimated how much I would appreciate the walk-in closet. In the drawing stage I actually tried to tell our architect he made the closet too large! Thankfully, he insisted I leave it as is and assured me I would be happy later. Boy was he right! Our 10’x10′ closet is awesome! We have very little storage in the rest of this 1940’s house, so having this large space has been amazing!!!!

I wanted to keep decor in this room simple and easy on the eye. I love the wall color by Benjamin Moore called Sandy Hook Gray and both my husband and I have found it to be very calming. I also love the contrast of the color with the crisp white trim and doors. Something about this color just makes me happy.

The main colors of the room are neutral, but I do love a pop of color, so coordinating green night stands were great for our space. The framed pressed fern also added a natural, colorful element to the room.

My husband and I scoured flea markets and the internet for a vintage door for the bathroom. We finally found this beautifully patina’d door with antique hardware at Silverado Salvage in the LA area. What a treasure trove that store was!!! Due to the time period this door was built, it is shorter than most standard doors, but because it would be used for our dedicated master bedroom, we decided it didn’t need to go down to the floor. I love the natural wood tone and warmth the door brings to the room. It adds so much character and I am so happy we didn’t give up the search for it!

This door leads to the master closet. I would share what the inside of that space looks like, but it is a work in progress.  I will share it with you once we have it put together and organized a bit more. 😉

Thanks for following along with us! We hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great Father’s Day!


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