Home Renovation: Boys Bedroom

So we have been going room by room through our recent home renovation project and our next stop is my son’s room. His old bedroom became our family’s den. (You can see that post here .)

During the planning phase of this project we had to let go of our back patio, which was going to be enclosed to create the new bedroom. It was the obvious choice, as there were already supporting side walls and we would only need to close off the back wall to make it a into a room.

We struggled to make this final decision because we had enjoyed so many dinners with friends and evenings on that patio as a family. Letting go of that space was an emotional decision. We met with a few different architects before proceeding with the plan, and the unanimous vote was that walling in the patio made the most structural, and financial, sense. We knew we could eventually build a deck off the back of the house and recreate a warm outdoor living space to entertain friends and make more family memories!

Here we are looking at the interior wall in the making. The far right side of the room will be the location of the stairs leading up to the new loft. The closet for this bedroom will sit under the staircase.

We wanted the windows to be as large as possible as this would be the only source of natural light for this room. You can see the large header in the framing phase that will allow for such windows.

This is where things got a little tricky and we had to come up with a creative solution. The width of the stair case came out just past the windows, so we couldn’t take the closet all the way to the back wall, it would overlap and cover a portion of the window. I decided the solution would be to wall off the end of the closet and create a space for a built-in desk, cabinets, or vintage lockers in the future. This meant we wouldn’t be able to fit a standard door as an opening for the closet. We decided to follow the line of the stair base and cut the closet entry and door to match. We used one of the home’s original solid wood doors and added trim to where it had been cut off at the top. We installed a light in the closet to ensure it was a bright enough space.

My son and husband really love baseball.  So, by his request, we designed a very sports themed room. I love filling my house with pieces that have a story and this room’s decor is a perfect example of that. The navy bed frame was my mom’s childhood bed we painted and lightly distressed. The antique desk we used as a night stand belonged to my husband’s great grandfather. The gray toy cabinet at the end of the room belonged to my husband’s grandma, the desk next to the closet was built by our neighbor for his son when he was young. The chair is an antique that belonged to my grandmother. What melts my heart is that my son cares where each piece in his room came from. I had recently talked about swapping out one of the pieces, but he insisted that it stay because he loved that it reminded him of his great grandma. Precious boy.

My son wanted to have a hand in adding some art to his room, so I found this pre-made pallet sign for at Target for only $4 and he drew, then painted the Brooklyn Dodger’s logo onto it. It was fun to watch him get excited about decorating and taking ownership of the style of his new room. He had, after all, been sleeping on a mat in my daughter’s room for 6 months during the construction process, so he was very excited to finally have a space to call his own!

We used a perfectly rusted metal shelf as a one-of-a-kind magnet board for my son’s art and pictures. Using vintage and patina’d decor helped this new construction room feel like it has always been a part of the house.

It was so much fun to look back through all these pictures and remember what this space was before it was a room and the process it took to get here. Thanks for reading along. We hope you enjoyed it!


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