House Tour: Our Remodeled Loft

Last week we shared our newly remodeled den with you. You may have noticed stairs at the back of the room which take you to our loft. We love this new upstairs space. It can be used when we have company for the kids to hang and play games or watch a movie, while the adults talk down stairs. We also love family movie night on the pull-out sofa bed. It was tight, but we did fit all five of us on that mattress for a family movie! This space has also been a nice quiet retreat when one of us needs a little down time.

This room doesn’t have any “before” pics because there really wasn’t a before! So here are some pics from the construction process leading up to the final reveal.

That big open space above the header in the middle of the house is the future location of the loft area. We had a bit of a funky roof line before construction and the two peaks didn’t follow the same trajectory, so with the help of our architect, we decided the best solution to make this space have a full height ceiling, was to go up with some walls where the current roof line ends and then pitch the roof at the top.

At the top of the new roof line we needed to install a 600 pound header that would run the entire length of the ceiling from the loft over the den. How this beast of a post was hoisted up is insane. Typically you need large machinery and equipment for this type of job. Well, we did it the old school way. See for yourself…

Pure man power!!! Here is my husband’s cute victory pose, but the job was only half done at this point. They still needed to lift that beam up to the top of the loft peak.

Sweet Success!!! That was a great moment. I am so thankful I had my camera to capture the process, though these pics don’t really do justice to just how heavy and hard they worked to get this beam in place. I was impressed!

It’s coming together!!! At this point in the construction process I was starting to really get excited. Though I knew the finish line was a ways off, I could see a glimpse of the finish line.

The top windows look out from the new loft space, and the windows below belong to a new room. My son’s former room bedroom became our new den, which we covered in last week’s post.

Here is a look inside the new space. We wanted to keep with the feel of the rest of the house, which has vaulted and planked ceilings in the main living area, so we decided to use ship lap planks overhead. We painted the boards white to keep this space feeling bright and open since we could only add a limited number of windows to this space due to city code and regulations.

Here is the view looking up from the den into the loft. We kept railing and handrail for the stairs more of a traditional style to fit in with the style of the original part of the house. We were trying to stay true to the feel of the original house design so that the house didn’t feel like a “new” and “old” space, it would just feel like one cohesive home.

And here is what it looks like today.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. We really love how this room has become a family all-purpose area.  We want it to feel cozy and inviting. After we live in it for a few years we may make a few updates.  A few ideas such as adding custom built-in cabinets that conceal a hidden door with entry into our attic would be functional and cute. I can’t wait for that one! We will be sure to take pictures when we start that project and share them with you!

Have a great day! Thanks for checking out our blog!


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