House Tour: Our Remodeled Den

Over the next few weeks Hil and I are going to share pics of my house remodel that we recently completed. Last week I showed you the before pics of the entire project, but now I will take you room by room, sharing the before pics, construction process, and final result. I don’t know that I can truly say “final” result, as I am constantly switching things around, replacing or moving furniture, and refreshing decorations, but the bones of the rooms are set and we hope you enjoy sharing in the process with us.

One of our goals in adding onto our house was to create a second living space for our family. With three kids spanning the ages of 5-11, we sometimes felt a bit cramped with only one main living space outside of our bedrooms. We worked with an architect to help bring our design to life by turning our son’s current bedroom that was located in the exact middle of the house into a den that we would use for a craft, piano, school, and game room.

Here’s a sneak peak of the end result, but before we got there, we started here…

As you can see, it got a bit chaotic as we packed everything from my son’s room to be stored for 6 months while we underwent construction. He ended up moving into our daughter’s room for the entire process and my husband and I had to sleep in our living room.

Here is the wall we opened up to make an entry to the den from our living room.

Though the entire wall was plastic and taped off, but dust was everywhere, all the time, the plastic really didn’t help all that much. Dust. everywhere. all. of. the. time. All of the time. Did I make that point clear? 😉



Here you can see the walls torn down to the studs. The view from the back of the house shows my husband with Hil and her husband checking out the progress. We had to take the ceiling and roof off of the den area to prepare for the loft that would be added on. The stairs leading to the loft will be at the back of the den.

Here is the back wall to the den with the opening that leads to our front entry door and living room. I love the texture that shiplap adds to a wall, so we thought it would be great to incorporate it onto this tall wall. We wanted to maintain the feel of the high ceilings that were original to this house, so we decided to bring the high pitch of the new loft area all the way across the den, allowing the space to feel as tall and open as possible. We were limited by city regulations to where we could have in windows, so it was really important to get as much natural light from the loft area into our den as we could.

Here is the view looking up from the new den.

This is what it looks like when a sweet friend helps put light bulbs into your new hanging chandelier. He was the only one of us tall enough to have one hand on the ceiling to stay stable as he walked across the beam. Brave soul!

And here are the current pics of the room now that electricity ran, lights installed, and walls painted.

This is the view when you walk into the den from the living room. The stairs at the back of the den lead up to a loft.

This farmhouse table gets so much use. We use it daily for homework and crafts. We also use it for extra seating when we have friends over for a meal.

This fun wire picture hanger was actually tossed out as trash in a nearby alley and I immediately envisioned it in our new space. I had to use wire cutters to trim off a few stray/sharp wires, but once it was given a trim, it was perfectly rusty and distressed. It’s been fun to hang the kids art and inspiring quotes.

I think my favorite thing about adding a den to our house was the space it allowed for a piano! My kids have started lessons and I love them having an outlet to explore music and a way to relieve some of their stress through art. This piano was gifted to us by some really sweet people and it has been a huge blessing!

Across from the piano is our art cabinet. It holds all things art supply related as well as school books. I love that everything can be kept behind the closed doors and I don’t have to see the mess! I also loving having some pieces that are black in a room because it adds depth.

Steve and I found these doors, unfinished, at Home Depot. I applied dry brushed white paint under the stain I used to finish them to make the wood look aged and weathered. We ordered the barn door sliding hardware from Amazon. I wouldn’t say that I would recommend the hardware we used. It ended up not coming with long enough mounting screws and the project took much longer than we had planned by the time we made a few trips back and forth to the hardware store to make it work.

So that’s it.  We enjoy this room so much and know that all the headache and being cramped in a 1/4 of the house while construction was taking place was more than worth it. We felt so blessed by the opportunity to get to add onto our house and make it feel so much more functional for us.

The walls are finished in Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, and the ship lap, trim, and ceiling are painted “Swiss Coffee” by Behr. We ordered the chandelier and wall sconces on Amazon. The wood floors are original to the house.


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