Our Home Remodel – Framing and Seeing Potential

I love DIY shows that walk you through the “before” phase of a project, quickly breeze through the (in reality, super long) laying foundation and construction phase, and then bring you to the beautiful finale -the finished product!

After plans have been drawn, and the work begins, you can see planks of wood and walls forming into something recognizable.  All the work you put into thinking, planning, over-thinking, re-drawing…and then finally… it begins to pay off and you see your effort realized.

Now that we are on the other side of things, and my brain has had time to calm down from the decisions it had to make during the process, I realized it was a really cool and wonderful learning opportunity for me, and as a bonus, my kids! We loved seeing how a house is taken apart and then put back together with all of the moving pieces and parts. There was something new and interesting going on with each step of construction. There were a few set backs that slowed things down, ie. rain, waiting for permits, etc. (not to mention multiple layers of dust covering the entire house-not just construction area.) But, for the most part, we got to see a piece of the puzzle added everyday and we loved it!

Here is a quick description of what we had envisioned: Walling in our outdoor patio and turning it into a bedroom, adding a second living space by building a loft on top of the new bedroom, turning an existing bedroom into a den, adding a larger walk-in closet to our master bedroom, and dedicating and remodeling an existing bathroom to our master bedroom.

Here is the front of our house before construction. After construction, there will be a second story which will add some cool dimension to the look of the house. You can see a tarp at the peek of the roof line where new walls will go up.

The back of our house before construction had a unique cutout that we used as a patio/outdoor dining area. This patio will be walled in and become a bedroom and a second story loft will be built on top of it.

So many summer evenings spent at this table with good friends and family! One of our most important goals during the planning process was to ensure we designed a new deck and outside seating so we didn’t lose this element of our life that we have loved so much.

Here is our master bedroom. We had already started to take the room apart at this point and move furniture out.

The closet to our master bedroom was about 5 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Let’s just say it was a very small space and really kept me on my “A” game when it came to staying organized.
If I thought our closet was small, the bathroom next to our room made the closet feel like a walk-in retreat. By building a walk-in closet onto the back of our bedroom, I was excited to tear down the existing closet and this tiny bathroom and build one larger master bathroom in that space.

Here is the bedroom that was connected to the back patio in the original house layout. It is my son’s room, and I didn’t love that there was direct access to the backyard through a door in his bedroom. This room would be our family’s future den, connecting to our living room through a doorway we would put in the wall.

It was really hard to see these beautiful ceilings taken apart in order to build up, but we would be sure to stay true to the original feel of the house and try to replicate a similar ceiling in the new space.

This is the wall in our living room where we will be making a doorway that connects to the new den.
We are so excited to share all the progress that has been made on our house project. The next several posts will take you room by room and you can see the before and after pics of each room. I hope you enjoy the process with us!


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