4 Easy Steps to Adding Personality and Style to Any Room


The Living room updated

Occasionally we have friends that ask us to help them revamp a room in their house, but tell us they really have no idea what they want or how to accomplish the look they are going for. One way we help them figure out their style is by going to our local HomeGoods store and having them pick out a few items that catch their eye and appeal to them. These items don’t necessarily end up going in their house, but help us get a feel for their taste, style, and colors they gravitate toward.  Next we determine their budget and the depth of remodel they would like. Sometimes it just a quick cosmetic fix, other times it involves painting walls and/or furniture, or at times we help with plans for full on demolition and reconfiguration. Once the design plan is settled,  it’s off to the races.

In this case our friend was looking for a cosmetic update and styling in her living room.

before pic

Before Shot

She and her husband had already purchased the couch set and are planning on replacing  the corner TV stand with a custom-built cabinet, so the TV console pictured is temporary.  They would like to replace the chair by the fireplace with a smaller upholstered chair being custom ordered. The decorations and pillows we found were from HomeGoods and Cost Plus World Market.

Here are our top 4 inexpensive items that have maximum impact when updating a room.

      1.  Throw pillows– These are an easy change that can totally alter and refresh the feel of any room. cozy chair close upcoffee table close up
      2. Wall art– A clock, a fun, bright print, or a functional area with hooks or shelves.  This is an easy way to give your space some character and add depth to a room.wall hooks
      3. Greenery– Plants bring a light, airy feel and are easily placed throughout the room.  If you don’t have a natural green thumb (or the time to water a living plant) opt for fake greenery. There are some pretty good faux options out there!fireplace detail
      4. Curtains– You’ve probably seen this suggestion all over Pinterest, and we can’t emphasize enough what a HUGE difference it can make in a room. When you move the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible and add long drapes it draws the eye up and makes a wall feel taller and larger. Making sure the curtains don’t pool at the bottom with extra fabric is a good idea if you have kids, pets, or heavy traffic in a room because they can otherwise collect dust and pet hair.


    It took a little over 7 hours of shopping, decor placement, and putting things together for this room refresh! Our friend is happy with her space, and we think it turned out pretty sweet too!


    4 transform


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