Living Room Mantle Remodel


Riley, our goldendoodle, relaxing by the finished fireplace

Okay, so honestly, our original family room mantle only had room for improvement.  Layers of rock inspired our boys to attempt rock climbing in the house….which is never good.  Lots of potential, but started off looking pretty funky.


Original Funky Living Room Mantle


Here is a full room shot for your viewing pleasure.  It is okay to feel very jealous that I had two peach velvet chairs…

After brainstorming, spending hours on Pinterest (see our fireplace board here) and debating with Jaclyn, we settled on a design.


I wasn’t sure if the facing of the fireplace should be stone, tile, or brick.  After days of deliberating I finally asked Jaclyn to make the final decision for me.  She went with this timeless looking brick to tie in with the existing brick in our den.


Here is the finished product.  I love the clean, classic lines.  It is such a huge change from the original feel of the room.





The entire fireplace, including trim, was finished in “Sneaker White” Semi-Gloss Paint


img_7665I love the way it turned out because when its not staged it just looks clean and minimal, which I love, but adding little touches of color really pop against the simple backdrop.

To visit our Pinterest inspiration board visit here


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