Laundry Room & Half Bath


A huge perk of our new home is an indoor laundry room and half bath off the pool area.  And the idea of having a mudroom! A room with a door that closes to hide store all my mess just sounds fabulous.

So, here are the before pictures–  This house had good bones, it just needed an updated and pretty finish.


Original curtains too!



Cute small pool bathroom

We decided to carry the same tile and paint into the laundry room that we used in the adjoining kitchen.  We decided to paint all the wall in Ralph Laurens “Sneaker White” to make the small bathroom feel bigger.  After the bathroom got a fresh coat of paint, new sink, light fixture (from Lowes), and mirror it looked like a much brighter place.


With all white walls, having a fabric print accent on the mirror added visual interest.


For the Laundry room Jacs and I refinished my buffet so I could have a functional nook for folding clothes and storing the pool towels.  Since this is the bathroom the kids use while swimming we added hooks for wet trucks and towels. The light fixture in the mudroom is from Habitat for Humanity ReStore which has great finds, for an amazing price, if you are willing to hunt.







Cute vintage looking towel hooks keep the towels off the floor, dry, and ready for the next use.

img_7617I am one of those strange people who enjoys planning out the functionality of a room and this rooms flow just makes me happy in a very nerdy way!

For our Pinterest inspiration page, click here.


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