Our Home Remade

In 2014 I started feeling like our lovely home was not our forever home.  As our two boys grew up we would need to add on in order for that home to meet our changing needs.  Unfortunately, like so many people, we bought our house when the market was near the top of its upswing. Selling it “up” required the market to bounce back enough for us to walk away with our down payment plus interest.  Amazingly, in 2015 the market righted enough for us to list and sell our home in 30 days.

Originally, I had all these grand ideas I was trying to talk my husband into.  My favorite plan was to sell everything and live “off the grid” for a year in a RV.  It sounded really fun to me, but alas, my husband did not think the word to describe it was “fun.” –I won’t list the words he used.  We settled on renting a home for a period of time while looking for another house to buy.

After months of scouring the internet I found a house!  It needed work, but had all kinds of potential. So I set about talking my husband into this next adventure! There were just a few hurdles to overcome to make it happen. Getting the new house (which was a short sale), moving out of our rental house, moving into his parent’s house while totally renovating the entire new house, and then moving out of his parent’s house and into our newly remodeled house. (no biggie, right?)

So, here are some of the “beautiful” before shots of our new home. Please don’t jealous of those velvety peach chairs.



img_1205 img_1203
So lucky me, my husband was in for my crazy idea and now the adventure begins!!


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