Mid-Century Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom at our last house was very small and had no master bathroom so even though this master bedroom/bathroom needed a ton of work, the size alone made it a huge upgrade for us. When we first moved into this house the window coverings in each room made proper lighting very difficult. The room felt really dark even though it had large windows.



In case you weren’t sure, the wallpaper boarder and the comforter cover do indeed match.

The room opened to a small desk and closet area which led to a small master bathroom.



Desk and Closet Area

After much debate, we decided to enclose that space and make it all part of a larger master bathroom.  The closets in this space were small and hardly functional, so we opted to tear them down since there were exsisting closets in the main bedroom.  To look at the master bathroom remodel visit

As we were going through the construction process the room began to take shape and we felt even more excited about what the finished product would be.

The floors unfinished after sanding.

The unfinished floors after sanding.

We went with a clear matte finish on the white oak floors.

We chose a clear matte finish on the white oak floors.

Here is the finished room.  I like the neutral, peaceful feel.  It is easy to brighten up with colorful pillows as my mood changes. I love the versatility of neutral walls and furniture.





Riley Jean, the golden doodle, posing for her shot.

Sources: The ceiling fan is from Costco.  The trim is painted “Sneaker White” by Ralph Lauren, high gloss.  The walls are “Tortilla” by Martha Stewart darkened by 50%.   Here is a shot of the formula for your own reference.  It is a beautiful greige.

Here is the formula for the paint color for all interior walls.

Here is the formula for the paint color for all interior walls.

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