Repurposing vintage furniture

There are pieces of furniture that beg to be distressed and there are others that call to be impeccably painted.  We typically distress our refurnished pieces with a light sanding to bring some dimension and emphasize design detail.  Since our most “in-demand” paint color is white, we find that a little distressing in the right places makes some of the details stand out that might normally blend into the background.  A good friend’s 8-year-old son found this great piece for us on the side of the road (thanks, Buddy!).

Amazing detail and color

Amazing detail and color

We fell in love with the details of this buffet.  The doors alone made our hearts so happy.  However, the back, as well as two legs, were totally rotted out by termites.  The drawers didn’t work and the hardware was missing or broken.  She was in some desperate need of love, but man she was so cool.  So started our long relationship with trying to breath new life into this buffet.  First, we used Annie Sloan’s “French Linen” to paint the buffet.  So far we were loving it….

Gray with great vintage hardware

Gray with great vintage hardware

Then we removed the legs and replaced them with casters.  Cool and efficient.  But still, after hours of trying to restore and repair this piece, the drawers would not function properly and the back was so termite damaged it would take some serious work to build it back.  Jacs was so kind to work with me on this one.  I just couldn’t let it go till we exhausted all options (that’s what good friends are for, right?).  So, one night, after making our husbands go to task on the buffet they broke the sad news to us that this one was a goner. Hopeless. So pretty on the outside but totally without function.  Who wants a beautiful piece of furniture that doesn’t work? Just sits there and looks pretty (and useless).  So, as a parting gift, Jacs helped me remove the beautiful doors and surprised me with a great idea.

door art single door art pillows

Now I get to enjoy these beautifully detailed cabinet doors as one-of-a-kind art in my living room. Once left for trash, now totally beautiful and functional!


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