A Pinch of Sunshine – DIY Hanging Mason Jar Flower Vase

flower shot

Β Here is a super easy DIY hanging mason jar flower vase. I wanted to add some beauty to my front porch and didn’t want to spend a lot of money or time in doing so.

close up

First, I stained, painted, and sealed a piece of scrap wood as my base board.

side shot

Next, I screwed a metal ring (purchased at Lowe’s for $1.50) to the board. Be sure the ring is fitted to the right width of your mason jar before you screw it to the board.

without flowers

I added a hook to the back of the board for hanging and placed the mason jar inside the metal ring. Mason jars can be purchased at a number of places for a couple of dollars. This one is very special to me because it belonged to my husband’s dear grandma.

final shot


That’s it! Hang it inside the house or outside the front door and cut some fresh flowers for it. Beautiful, simple, and charming!


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