DIY Lamp Makeover

We were at the local thrift store the other day and I spotted these beauties.

Don't be fooled by the gold details with the 50's flair

Don’t be fooled by the gold details with the 50’s flair

I know, its okay to be overwhelmed by their bling.  I looked at them and then did a double take.  Priced at two for one with a grand total of $15 (on sale at a thrift store is pretty awesome), and we thought they had some potential waiting to be unleashed.  So we unleashed it!

Here we go… First, I got my spray primer.  We love Kilz Oil Based Spray Primer with the red label.  It is easy to use and covers completely. (One can costs about $6 at Lowes or Home Depot and makes your paint go further).  The trick when you are spraying is to move the can from side to side and hold it approximately 10 inches from the item so it doesn’t drip on your piece.  One coat is a great base for the next step which is spray paint.

Kilz primer

Kilz primer

After spraying my lamps with primer they were already looking more refreshed and updated.

Primed lamps

Primed lamps

I let the primer dry for an hour and then went back out with my Krylon Bright White ‘Satin Touch’ Decorator Spray Paint (which is about $4 at Walmart, or $3.67 on Amazon but I already had a can from another project so free for me).  After another 5 minutes of spraying the lamps they were done and set out to dry.  Such a quick update for old tired lamps.

Now onto the next project, recovering the lampshades…. Be prepared for more super gold details.

Oh the potential....

Oh the potential….

More pictures and DIY directions to follow.


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