DIY Organization Station

Cabinet door turned organization station

Cabinet door turned organization station

I live in a city that I consider to be beautiful, friendly, and welcoming. It happens to be that many of the houses back an alley, instead of another back yard, as is the case with our home. I don’t love this because sometimes the alley collects unwanted and unsightly trash including old tires, broken retro TV’s, and other dump-worthy items.

BUT…every so often the alley provides this “trash-into-treasure seeking gal” an offering. Last week there was a giant dresser-type piece of furniture behind our back gate. It was incredibly dirty, but looked as if it had once been a very nice, high quality item. I saw it and instantly told my husband we had to have it. He gave me a sideways glance and frown that suggested, “What are you up to this time?”  Being a great sport, he gave in and helped me collect my soon-to-be treasure.

After a good scrubbing, (what happens in the alley stays in the alley) we used it as a wonderful work bench in our garage. It was missing a few drawers, so my handy husband cut some planks to transform the empty cubbies into shelves for storage. I looooooove our new workbench. And so does he!


Now for the DIY Organization Station. Along with the dresser was a hutch attachment with 4 cabinet doors. The hutch itself was water damaged and not salvageable, but I knew I could use the cabinet doors for something fun. I needed some organization in my kitchen to hold my calendar, kids drawings/pictures and notes/loose paper. Here is where the fun begins… This is a simple 1 day project that anyone can do.

To get this look you will need:

A medium size cabinet door or piece of wood

Sand paper – rough

2″ Angled Paint Brush (I like Purdy Brushes)

Sponge Brush

Primer – latex or oil based

Paint of choice

Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint

Hooks if desired

Cork Board squares

Steel Wool

Briwax for a distressed look (I used Dark Walnut)

Step 1: Sand the wood just enough to make a non-smooth surface so the primer will adhere well. Be sure to wipe the piece down with a damp cloth and dry it completely.

A light sanding is all you need

A light sanding is all you need

Step 2: Using a sponge brush, brush on 3 coats (one at a time, letting each coat dry for approx. 20 mins before the next) of Chalkboard Paint.

3 light coats of Chalkboard Paint

3 light coats of Chalkboard Paint

Step 3: Prime the board using spray primer or a brush (I used a brush-on KILS Latex Primer for this) Let it dry for approximately 30 minutes. If desired, tape the edges of the completely dried chalkboard before priming around it. I skipped the tape and used a small 1/2″ craft brush, carefully brushing the primer on around the chalkboard portion.

Apply a coat of primer

Apply a coat of primer

Step 4: Paint the whole board with the color of your choice. I had a little Valspar Blue Twilight leftover from the interiors of my kitchen and front door, so I used it.) Let it dry for a few hours and then touch up or paint an additional coat if needed. I only needed one coat and a touch up here or there.

Valspar Twilight Blue

Valspar Twilight Blue

Step 5: Once completely dry, using a soft cloth apply Dark Walnut Briwax to the parts of the board you would like to distress. I applied it to the corners and edges of the board. Wipe a thin coat of wax on and then using your steel wool, rub the edges and corners, removing some of the paint as you go to give it a distressed look. If you don’t have steel wool, a piece of sand paper would also work. Wipe off any excess wax you don’t like at this time. Apply a thin coat of clear Briwax or Wax Paste at this time if you used a flat paint. I used a semi-gloss paint, so didn’t need to do this additional step.

Briwax - Dark Walnut

Briwax – Dark Walnut

Wipe a coat of wax on with a cloth and rub off with steel wool.

Wipe a coat of wax on with a cloth and rub off with steel wool.

Finished distressed look

Wipe off excess wax to complete a distressed look

Step 6: Applying the hardware. I wanted to be able to hang my calendar, little ones artwork and important flyers and such. I used a 3M Command Hook for the calendar and two art clips and tack nails from Walmart to hang pictures.

Hooks, hangers and a glass knob

Hooks, hangers and a glass knob

Step 7: Hanging the board. To hang the board, mine is over 25lbs, I used two heavy duty picture hangers screwed to the back of my board and 75lb rated picture wire strung between the hangers. My husband found the stud in the wall and used a heavy duty screw to hang the wire from.

Cabinet door turned organization station

Cabinet door turned organization stationCabinet Door Kitchen Zoomed in Cabinet Door Kitchen Wide Shot



I am really happy with the organization this board adds to our kitchen. It’s beautiful, yet functional (A motto I try to stick with when decorating).






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