Front Door Refinish

For a long time my front door has been boring and white. White is a great color but with little boys (and kids in general) bumping into the door constantly, the color has changed from the brilliant white it was intended to be into a scruffy yellow white (sad but true). So finally, one brave day, I decided to go through the process and change my door to a more updated, kid friendly color. So here is how I did it…

First, I lightly sanded the door. It didn’t take much scuffing because the kids had already roughed it up for me. The whole point of sanding is to give the new coat of paint something to grip onto. This step is super important. Β When you are painting over something glossy the new coat will peel off if it is not sanded enough, which after all your hard work would be a huge frustration. After sanding wipe it off with a damp rag. Then tape off all the windows and hardware, pressing firmly to create a seal so the paint won’t bleed.

Front door after sanding

Front door after sanding

After taping everything off, get your brush and prime the door. The Benjamin Moore store recommended this Zinsser Primer because of the oil based paint I was going to paint over. It stuck really well and covered all wood knots completely.

Zinsser Primer

Zinsser Primer

Then I started the first coat of Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray. I love this color because of its depth. It is more of a dark blue/slate and not a usual gray.

Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray

Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray

The door took 2 coats ( I waited an hour between each coat) before it was complete. At the end of the day it was done and turned out beautifully.

First coat

First coat

The only thing I would do differently next time is tint the primer to match my paint color. This could have saved me some time trying to cover up every patch of a bright white primer. Overall I love it and it wears much nicer than white with the gentlemen in my family.

After 2 coats

After 2 coats

My next step is to paint our last name on under the window. I will be sure to take pictures and Β post a tutorial on how to do that within the next week.


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