Easy Buntings

We have made a few seasonal buntings at Jacs and Hil Design so here is a quick and easy tutorial on a basic bunting. I am going to sew, but you could hot glue this bunting as well for a no-sew option. For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to pick a simple bunting that is not going to require a ton of time.

The first step is to pick your fabrics and figure out the layout. We decided to alternate between a plain linen panel and a patterned blue fabric with a burlap backing, but the sky is the limit on combinations. You will also need to decide on a shape for your panels. Again, since we are doing an “easy bunting” we are going with a basic rectangle.

Measure 4 inches of blue fabric and 4.5 for the burlap backing

Measure 4 inches of blue fabric and 4.5 for the burlap backing

So after you decide your layout, fabric, and shape it is on to the cutting phase. We used a 4 inch panel because it is a great size for garnishing a hutch or doorway. So, with our fabric tape measure we measured out 4 inch panels of linen and blue fabric. Then we cut four 4.5 inch burlap panels. Because we are alternating patterns we had 3 of the linen panels and 4 of the blue and burlap panels. Β I know there are a lot of 4’s but trust me it turns out good.

Zigzag stitch fabric together (or hot glue)

Zigzag stitch fabric together (or hot glue)

Finally, the fun part sewing (or gluing). I will tell you if you are gluing you will need to embrace the rustic look fully because unless you are wanting to iron a seam and then glue it back it is going to have some fraying. I think paired with the burlap that would look good but if it is going to drive you nuts then be prepared to labor through that additional step and dismiss the “easy” part of this tutorial. Now back to the fun… If you are embracing the rustic look then your linen panels are set aside for this step and you are simply centering and gluing the blue fabric on top of the burlap. If you are sewing then you need to set your sewing machine to the zigzag setting and stitch the blue fabric onto the center of the burlap. After finishing our blue panels we decided to hem the sides of the linen panels so just fold them over 1/4 inch and sew a straight seam on the sides and bottom. Now you are finished!

Clothespin the panel over the twine

Clothespin the panel over the twine

You can hang a bit of twine or ribbon and fold the panels over the top and clothes pin them on for a simple, cute bunting.Β  If you are wanting to buy the finished product it is available in our Etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/listing/181889891/spring-burlap-and-linen-bunting?ref=shop_home_active_6

Easy Bunting Large Pixlr



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